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Remco van Lokven Stress en Burnout Coaching en Training

“How are you doing? Fine, busy!

Ever been there? You know, giving the usual response, but deep down, you’re thinking, “Help, my life feels like an episode of a survival show, and I didn’t even sign up!” Everything looks good on the surface: a decent job, a bustling social life, perhaps a partner and some kids. You tell everyone it’s all great.

But deep down, you’re sleeping like a newborn panda, your mind racing more than ever, and you’d rather spend the entire weekend buried under your covers. Yet, you keep soldiering on. Saying “yes” to things you really want to scream “no” to. Every week, you promise yourself to handle things differently, but it feels like wishful thinking. You’re carrying the weight of an entire football team on your shoulders, and it feels like everything will crumble if you dare to close your eyes. At least, that’s how it feels to you.

You also notice that you’re slowly losing grip on yourself, and you have no idea how to escape this chaos. What you’re experiencing isn’t just a rough patch; it’s the pink elephant in the room that we call chronic stress. It’s at the top of the list of common diseases. Let’s put a spotlight on that elephant together.

From this

To this

  • Do you experience difficulties falling asleep at night because your mind is working overtime with worries and to-do lists?
  • Do you feel like a one-man band trying to play all the instruments at once, both at work and at home?
  • Does saying “no” feel as challenging to you as assembling an IKEA cabinet without instructions, even when you’re clearly overwhelmed?
  • Are you easily irritated and emotionally drained, as if you’ve just run a marathon of emotions?
  • Are you worried that your burnout radar is starting to beep, but you have no idea how to replace the batteries?
  • What if you fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow, without your mind being a factory working overtime with thoughts?
  • What if you not only complete your checklist but also take time to treat yourself to a moment of peace and relaxation?
  • Imagine setting boundaries as if stamping your own passport of self-care. And finding the peace to enjoy your free time again, without stress crashing your party like an uninvited guest.
  • Don’t let stress take the reins any longer; use it as a special sidekick to take care of yourself. Stress as your personal coach, but with a grain of salt.

What I can do

Stronger from Stress

I’m here to help you become stronger from your stress.


Let’s discover behavioural patterns you’ve been carrying since your childhood.

Remco van de zaak

Insights into the real status of your company regarding workplace enjoyment, stress, and vitality.

Hi, it’s me, Remco

I’m here to tell you that life isn’t always a bed of roses, but it can certainly be lighter. And believe me, I speak from experience. There was a time when I found myself in tears against my favourite tree in the forest, right in the middle of my second burnout. It was time for a change. From physical to mental to emotional transformation, I’ve put myself through the ‘car wash’. Regaining control over my life and the choices I make. I’ve emerged stronger from my stress. And I grant you the same.

Remco is a friendly coach who genuinely cares about his clients. He's easy to talk to and draws from his own experiences, which I find important because theory and practice often differ. I would definitely continue to use your services in the future if needed!


Remco's help was great! . I learned how to reduce my stress through breathing and mindfulness exercises . I had also many walking sessions with Remco. They were very helpful in reflecting and counseling on my personal and work life. My ability to set boundaries has improved and I can now manage stress with a lot less less impact on my mental and physical health.


Working with Remco is meaningful, challenging, and thought-provoking. He challenges your thought patterns and ideas about 'how things should be done.' I've learned that I don't always need to have a direction, and that it's okay not to know sometimes. Remco takes your experiences seriously but also maintains a sense of lightness to keep you moving forward.


Walking in nature during sessions was great. Remco is open about his own experiences, which provided me with a lot of support and recognition. The biggest difference after over 4 months of coaching is the confidence I have regained in myself. Remco also helped me realize that what I'm doing is simply good enough.


Your turn!

Taking small steps to become stronger. Bringing back peace, energy, better decisions, and more humour into your life. And most importantly, becoming the person you want to be. Emerging stronger from your stress. Let’s work together to create a lighter life, you deserve it.