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Remco van Lokven Stress Coaching en Training

“This is it?”

I asked myself this question while sitting against my favourite tree in the woods, tears running down my cheeks. In the middle my second burnout, it was time for change. It couldn’t continue like this any longer. So, I started an intense journey of self-discovery, guided by my own intuition.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I reinvented myself. By delving into the physiology of stress, moving more, quitting smoking and drinking, and eating more consciously, I began to embrace a lighter life. With the help of therapists and coaches, I learned to listen to my entire body, not just that critical voice in my head.

Now, I feel stronger than ever. Small steps, but with a lasting effect. I’ve learned that my best life begins when I’m in balance, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I embrace my stress, working with it rather than against it.

It’s not about perfection; I’m still learning every day. But by taking good care of myself and being open to my feelings, everything flows much smoother. And believe it or not, people even like me (sometimes)!

Remco van Lokven Stress en Burnout Coaching en Training
Remco van Lokven Stress Coaching en Training
Remco van Lokven Stress Coaching en Trainingx

More about Remco

  • My daughter Amber is everything to me. Together, we enjoy many activities, and I’m incredibly proud of her. We share parenting responsibilities in a co-parenting arrangement.
  • When I’m excited, my energy levels explode, and I talk non-stop. I never get enough of interesting conversations and can spend hours on the phone.
  • My skin is a scrapbook of memories, decorated with meaningful tattoos. Feel free to ask me about the story behind any of my them!
  • Bouldering is my passion; it helps me clear my mind and offers endless challenges.
  • Music is my lifeline, from country to metal and from new wave to film soundtracks. I love getting emotionally swept away at concerts.
  • I’m not the most savvy person; my clumsiness has landed me in the emergency room before.
  • Despite my work as a vitality coach, I can thoroughly enjoy fries and fried snacks.
  • I’m always on the move and prefer coaching outdoor, where tranquillity and new insights merge. 
  • Humour is an essential part of my life and work; it lightens difficult subjects and helps reduce stress.
  • I love new challenges and want to help you grow by pushing you out of your comfort zone.
  • Like everyone else, I’m not perfect and make mistakes. I enjoy sharing my ‘oops moments’ to learn to put things into perspective and laugh.