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Remco van Lokven Stress Coaching en Training

The pink elephant in your family…

Casually swiping through your go-to dating app, but retreat as soon as someone shows serious interest? Do you often argue with a sibling without really knowing why? Do you frequently feel like an outsider and struggle to stand up for yourself at work? These are patterns, and they typically trace back to the environment in which you grew up.

Understanding family patterns can help you break free from limiting behaviour and relationship patterns, increase your self-awareness and self-acceptance, improve your relationships within and outside the family, and increase personal growth. But if you find it difficult to break the cycle, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to help you with a family constellation. Let’s work together to enhance self-acceptance and cultivate better relationships.

I’m just going in circles… time for a constellation

Family constellations are simply a convenient way to explore the dynamics within your family. During a session, using ‘stand-ins’, you place family members and their connections to each other. You take the lead and decide where everyone stands. This process helps to discover hidden patterns and issues and invent solutions.

Constellations can truly make a difference. Think of gaining insight into family patterns, breaking free from deeply rooted behaviour, and improving family relationships. If you find yourself repeatedly facing similar situations or if things aren’t going smoothly with your family, this can be a real eye-opener.

As your facilitator, I’m here to help you understand these dynamics and delve deeper into yourself. In the long run, you’ll become much wiser about yourself and your family, heal old wounds, and better connect with others. That can significantly enrich your life.

Family constellations address various areas such as family issues, relationship problems, career concerns, personal development, and trauma processing. They complement traditional mental health care by providing insight rather than immediate solutions.

Single constellation

Simply an one-time individual constellation

Normally €121,- incl VAT, now €85,- incl VAT

Systemic Coaching Program: The Change

3 Systemic coaching sessions with individual constellations and interim contact through WhatsApp/email/phone

Normally €299,- incl VAT, now €250,- incl VAT

Systemic Coaching Program: The Experience

Three experiential coaching sessions. Options include bouldering, museum visits, nature coaching. A systemic coaching session can serve as a replacement for one of the elements.

Customization possible

Hi, it’s me, Remco

I’m here to tell you that life isn’t always a bed of roses, but it can certainly be lighter. And believe me, I speak from experience. There was a time when I found myself in tears against my favourite tree in the forest, right in the middle of my second burnout. It was time for a change. From physical to mental to emotional transformation, I’ve put myself through the ‘car wash’. Regaining control over my life and the choices I make. I’ve emerged stronger from my stress. And I grant you the same.

Remco is a friendly coach who genuinely cares about his clients. He's easy to talk to and draws from his own experiences, which I find important because theory and practice often differ. I would definitely continue to use your services in the future if needed!


Remco's help was great! . I learned how to reduce my stress through breathing and mindfulness exercises . I had also many walking sessions with Remco. They were very helpful in reflecting and counseling on my personal and work life. My ability to set boundaries has improved and I can now manage stress with a lot less less impact on my mental and physical health.


Working with Remco is meaningful, challenging, and thought-provoking. He challenges your thought patterns and ideas about 'how things should be done.' I've learned that I don't always need to have a direction, and that it's okay not to know sometimes. Remco takes your experiences seriously but also maintains a sense of lightness to keep you moving forward.


Walking in nature during sessions was great. Remco is open about his own experiences, which provided me with a lot of support and recognition. The biggest difference after over 4 months of coaching is the confidence I have regained in myself. Remco also helped me realize that what I'm doing is simply good enough.


Your turn!

Taking small steps to become stronger. Bringing back peace, energy, better decisions, and more humour into your life. And most importantly, becoming the person you want to be. Emerging stronger from your stress. Let’s work together to create a lighter life, you deserve it.